Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Road to Cleveland, OH

The last day (June 24, 2015) that Bob and I were visiting our Sister Patty and her Husband Dan in Lancaster, MA started with Patty already on her way to Pittsburgh to take her granddaughters Amy and Emily back to Lancaster, MA for a week's visit.  I spent my morning trying to watch The Rhode Show in Dan and Patty's bedroom, but the signal was erratic as the station was the CBS affiliate in Providence, R.I.  I also tried to access the Internet on the Smart TV in the loft.  It would have worked perfectly, but Spotify was my test case.  Scrolling to the bottom of the screen to find the Web Player function did not work, and I couldn't find the Spotify App on the TV (In happier news, Spotify came to our Smart TV, which was bought in May 2016, at the end of November 2016.).  After two failures, my success was enjoying Dan's homemade Golden Raspberry Jam (By the way, I have not found Golden Raspberry Jam in the Cleveland area.).

It was soon time to go.  Thankfully, most of my packing was done the night before.  We packed everything except the Shoes that we had bought at the New Balance Outlet Store in Wrentham, MA (They arrived in Cleveland when Patty and Dan came to NE Ohio in August 2015.).  Dan then took Bob and me to the Logan Express Bus Terminal in Framingham, MA.  Dan looked around the Terminal before saying goodbye to us.  We boarded the bus to Logan Airport in Boston.  Once again, the bus fare was paid in cash.

The airport experience started off smoothly. Check-in and Security were not problems (In Cleveland, there were questions about my CPAP, but they were quickly resolved.).  As we headed to our Gate, we looked for places for my lunch. Bob had eaten back at the house because Dan had advised us about price gouging at Logan Airport.  Bob probably had a sandwich.

We made it to the Gate.  I decided to find more lunch options.  As Bob was watching our luggage, I searched the Concourse.  Dan was right about price gouging because I caught Burger King "overcharging" for soda.  There were some possibilities, but I was not fulfilled, so I headed for the other Concourses.

This turned out to be a big mistake.  I found doors marked "Ticketed Passengers Only."  There were Checkpoints where I had to show my Boarding Pass. Eventually, I ended outside the Security Zone, so I had the pleasure of going through Security again.  Thankfully, it went smoothly.

I reluctantly headed back to Bob.  After telling my story,  I ended up at U Food Grill, one of the possibilities from earlier.  I had a Chicken Burrito.  It fell between Taco Bell and Qdoba in size and in ingredients.  Bob might have had a bite.  I probably shared my soda, too.

After lunch, which was around 3:00 P.M., we waited for the plane.  The plane ride was relatively smooth.  I may have enjoyed some Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.  I don't remember what Bob had.

Once we reached Hopkins Airport, I called Maggie to pick us up.  Unfortunately, instead of calling our house, I called her house, but the mistake was corrected. During the ride to get some take-out food from Arby's on Snow Road in Parma, we talked about the trip.  Maggie talked about our now deceased cat Morgan. When we came home, we ate and talked more about our trip.  Eventually, we called Patty and Dan to tell them that we were home.  Patty mentioned that her Granddaughters' Happy Meal toys were accidentally thrown out on the plane.

In conclusion, we had a great visit.  I survived without my light jacket, sweater, or the cash that our brother Joe gave me for the trip.  I spent most of the morning that we left scrubbing the carpet.

Two goals for our next trip are a visit to the Racino in Plainville, MA that opened on the day that we left for home, and trips to Wegmans, Tops, Roche Bros., and Donelan's.  The last three visits complete the Grocery Decathlon.  The other stores that comprise the Decathlon are Big Y, Hannaford, Market Basket, Price Chopper, Shaw's, and Stop and Shop.

Of course, there will be a report if the trip happens!!

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